David Tennyson

Fresh is an overused and usually exaggerated description of new country/pop artists. But, in some cases, it actually fits as in the case of David Tennyson Dublin  Who Knew CD. The arrangements, sound and vocals mesh perfectly to deliver a multi-hued musical treat… especially Tennyson’s own songs New Sensation and She Was A Mystery.

Title song Who Knew should be on the charts!
Wonderful selection of new and cover tunes by a talented new artist. Mellow and sweet vocals. A fine production by an impressive list of musicians. This CD should get noticed.

Excellent country pop CD – Pick up a copy.
We checked out your Who Knew CD. Excellent vocals, musicianship, and songwriting on this strong coutry pop CD. Asking for the Moon and Who Knew both have hook-filled choruses with nice 2-part or 3-part harmonies and strong resolution.

I can’t stop SPINNING!!……Asking for the Moon is sweet sweet surrender
David Tennyson…Who Knew…Indeed….I’m Stuck!
What a great cd! I just can’t believe I can’t stop spinnin’ it!
forthcoming cd…What’s Next.


Promotional Products Dublin

The 6 Top Benefits of Using Promotional Products:

1. Expanded brand acknowledgment.

An objective for organizations, of all shapes and sizes, regularly marks the acknowledgment of high-quality promotional products Dublin. How might you make your image emerge from the opposition, as well as stay in the brains of clients, both present, and potential? One route is to get innovative with your promoting. Limited time items are a basic device that can help build mark mindfulness for your private venture; by tweaking a thing that a client can use in his or her regular day to day existence with your logo, for example, you’re ready to keep your independent company high in the potential client’s consciousness.

2. Mass effort requiring little expense.

With a tight spending plan, it can be hard to pick precisely what showcasing things bode well for your private venture, and what things will give you the most “value for your money.” With a little sticker price, however, extensive, enduring effect, limited time items are an extraordinary incentive for your speculation. Remember this: A basic giveaway is an extraordinary approach to expanding client faithfulness. In the event that you possess a customer facing facade, incorporating a fun takeaway with buys is a pleasant approach to express profound gratitude!

3. Effective business cards.

While business cards will dependably be an inconceivably profitable business staple, limited time items are a fun, inventive approach to exhibiting your contact data. Rather than simply leaving a potential client with your business card, for instance, consider abandoning your business card AND another unmistakable, marked item. In the event that you claim a PC organization, and simply settled somebody’s machine, go out your business card and a USB drive!

4. Material.

With regards to showcasing your business, something else to remember is keeping your brand fresh in people’s minds. How might you keep what you do, and your business, reliably before clients without reliably spending a huge amount of cash? Simple: Think about what things your clients will need to keep around. In the event that you possess a spa, for example, put an arrangement update on the back of your business card, as clients will need to keep that around to recollect when they need to return. On the off chance that you run a bar, consider giving out free container openers or koozies.

5. An effective promoting stage for your brand.

What does your advertising portfolio resemble? Consider this: If you needed to pick between eating a similar pizza, twice per week, consistently, for lunch, or getting two diverse snacks every week, what might you pick? We consider most you would pick to have variations. A similar standard can be connected to your private company. Despite the fact that having staple showcasing items is imperative, having the capacity to differ what you’re utilizing to mark your business is critical, as well!

6 Long-lasting Impact

Promotional products last a very long time. they can stay on desks, in people’s cars or be a favourite item such as a bag or pen that someone uses regularly, that adds up to literally thousands of times that your brand can be recognized and referred to in the future.

For very effective promotional products available in Dublin, Ireland we highly recommend http://inspirepromotionalproducts.ie/

Storage Solutions

In case you have more property than your house can accommodate, and you are against selling it, you should look for a storage facility. The good news is that such facilities are available in plenty, meaning finding one should be effortless. Since such facilities are not created equal, it is important not to choose just any. Do you approach choosing a storage facility like this?

You ought to choose a facility in respect to the items you want to store. A climate-controlled unit is what you need in case whatever you would be storing is temperature-sensitive. Understand that some facilities have specifications concerning what clients can store. Some facilities do not allow for things such as tires, chemicals, and flammable products. Asking regarding restrictions earliest possible would help avoid inconveniences later.

You ought to consider the size of a unit, too. Whatever unit you choose should comfortably accommodate all the items you would be storing. It would be a bad decision fitting the unit to capacity. Such a move would always make inspecting your items extremely difficult. You also do not need to experience the inconvenience of having to empty the unit to get to a bundle that you kept in the back. If you have plans to store more items as time goes by, it is essential that you choose a unit with that in mind. To learn more about self-storage facilities, you can visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Storage.

It is important not to overlook location. If you would be using a few of the items frequently, it pays to choose units located nearby. It is important not to choose a unit owing to location only. If there are better units a few minutes’ drive away, it would be a wise decision to choose those compared to poor ones that are near your home. In case you choose a building that has lifts, a unit close to the lifts would be the right one to choose. Get to know whether your property is accessible at any time of the day.

Security from Nesta storage Dublin is of immense significance. You ought to be certain that everything you store would not be stolen. It pays to narrow down your search to units with good lighting, burglar alarms, security cameras, computerized access, etc. If you would always be visiting at night, ensure that your security is guaranteed.

Ask regarding service charges prior to choosing a unit from Nesta Storage. Get to know how you would be billed for the same. In most cases, such facilities bill clients a fixed monthly rate. You might be billed using a different billing method depending on the property you would be storing. If you would be storing heavy items, tires or dangerous chemicals, you might be charged a stiffer fee. You ought to insist on a written contract prior to paying anything.

Maths Grinds Dublin

Maths Grinds In Dublin

How Can They benefit children?

Parents and students are always looking for ways to improve learning and boost grades. Home tutoring remains popular for myriad reasons.  Obviously it is convenient because tutors come to you.  With over 25% of Irish students receiving private tutoring, the benefits seem apparent.  The need for a good education has come to the forefront once again thanks to the current economy.

Students receive private tutoring because they need academic support.  Many subjects are thought through grind but Maths Grinds Dublin is particularly beneficial because maths is one of those subjects that may need extra attention. It is true that some children are naturally gifted at maths but the opposite is very often not true. Some children learn to accept the fact that they are ‘not that good at maths’ and so don’t try or are not encouraged to figure out what works best for them.

Maths Grinds Dublin

That is where Dublin based grinds school www.justmaths.ie come in.

Gifted students may want the extra challenge presented through private tutoring.  Students can also get assistance preparing for college admission exams.  So, there is no shortage of reasons to consider hiring a tutor.  But what are the specific advantages?

1. One-On-One Attention

This is a huge advantage of private tutoring.  Students are less likely to be distracted.  They can focus without interruption on the task before them.  Home tutoring can be more comfortable for students, allowing them to relax and learn more.  And, since there is only one student, tutors can cover a lot more material than a classroom teacher.

2. Quality Tutor

You get to pick your tutor.  So you can get a tutor for your child who will be encouraging and motivating.  Personality does matter to children. If they do not like their tutor, they will not benefit from the private tutoring.  You also want a tutor who can actually help your child.  Private tutors are often highly qualified with advanced degrees in the subject areas they teach.

3. Improved Self-Image

Once children know they can accomplish something academically, they become more confident.  As their self-esteem grows, they develop a better self-image.  This makes them more open to learning new material and tackling class projects.  Private tutoring can be particularly helpful if your child is shy or is uncomfortable around their peers.

4. Edge on Standardised Tests

Private tutoring can help students improve scores on standardised tests such as the Junior and Leaving Certificates.  Tutors can effectively identify student strengths and weaknesses.  They will use student strengths to shore up weaknesses.  This can make the difference between an average score and a competitive score when applying to colleges.
Technology is advancing on a daily basis, opening up new ways of learning and collaborating that have already transformed the educational landscape of many schools, colleges and universities.

Although the tuition business has also benefitted from these advances, most tutors tend to fall into the category of traditional door-to-door, pen and paper tuition. However, more and more people are switching on to the possibility of online lessons.


How to lose weight in 3 cool ways

Studies found that people who keep food diaries wind up eating about 15 percent less food than those who don’t. Watch out for weekends: A University of North Carolina study found people tend to consume an extra 115 calories per weekend day, primarily from alcohol and fat. Then cut out or down calories from spreads, dressings, sauces, condiments, drinks, and snacks; they could make the difference between weight gain and loss.
Need major weight-loss motivation? Here’s the secret weight loss Dublin advice used by the folks on The Biggest Loser and other reality shows.

1. Add 10 percent to the amount of daily calories you think you’re eating

If you think you’re consuming 1,700 calories a day and don’t understand why you’re not losing weight, add another 170 calories to your guesstimate. Chances are, the new number is more accurate. Adjust your eating habits accordingly.

2. Get an online weight loss buddy to lose more weight

A University of Vermont study found that online weight-loss buddies help you keep the weight off. The researchers followed volunteers for 18 months. Those assigned to an Internet-based weight maintenance program sustained their weight loss better than those who met face-to-face in a support group.

3. Get a weight-loss mantra

You’ve heard of a self-fulfilling prophecy? If you keep focusing on things you can’t do, like resisting junk food or getting out the door for a daily walk, chances are you won’t do them. Instead (whether you believe it or not) repeat positive thoughts to yourself. “I can lose weight.” “I will get out for my walk today.” “I know I can resist the pastry cart after dinner.” Repeat these phrases and before too long, they will become true for you.

Cosmetic Surgery Ireland

What are the risks and benefits of Cosmetic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is becoming more popular than ever. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, more than 11.7 million procedures were performed in 2007, an increase of more than 400 percent since statistics were first gathered 10 years earlier. While the benefits of cosmetic surgery are widely accepted, patients should consider the positive and negative aspects of plastic surgery before undergoing any treatments.

In Ireland over 5% of the population has had some type of treatment done but over 20% say they would definitely consider cosmetic surgery is the future or if they could afford it.

What are the Risks

While the risk of surgical complications during a procedure may be minimal and depend on the cleanliness of the facility and the experience of the surgeon, there are risks associated with any surgery.

The bigger the procedure, the higher the risk of complications. A patient’s general health also should be taken into consideration when evaluating risks. Smoking and pre-existing vascular conditions can slow and impede the healing process. Any cut made on the skin is likely to leave a scar. Most procedures however take this into account and skilled cosmetic surgeons take great pains to hide scars in little seen areas, such as under the hair, behind ears and in skin folds. Although steps are taken to reduce the risk of infection, there is always a chance that infection at the site of the incision can occur. Excessive bleeding can occur while a wound is open, and occasionally a blood transfusion may be required. Blood clots may spring up following extended periods of surgery, although walking and movement following surgery usually help to remove the risk. Finally, there are the risks associated with anesthesia that need to be talked about with the anesthesiologist before the procedure.


A study performed by a social worker and two psychiatrists reported by the American Psychological Association showed that for the most part, patients felt better about themselves following plastic surgery. Patients reported a boost in self-image and overall well-being. The same study reported negative responses from those who had high expectations that were not fulfilled by the cosmetic procedure. Patients who were not satisfied with the results of the surgery often went in for additional work. Others experienced periods of depression, isolation and anger towards their doctors. The researchers concluded that more psychological counseling be enacted by plastic surgeons prior to doing the work. Pre-screening by plastic surgeons, especially focused on people who have had previous bouts of depression or other mental health issues, can help to alleviate some of the post-surgical negative responses that patients sometimes experience.


Patients considering cosmetic surgery must plan for time off to heal and to be comfortable being seen in public. While the healing time varies among patients and the type of procedure, it can take up to two or three weeks to recover enough to return to work and everyday activities. Many people use the time in lieu of a vacation or as time to nurture themselves and their well-being. In addition to the time spent, plastic surgery can be expensive, with procedures ranging up to $6,000 or more. Most insurance policies do not cover elective procedures, such as plastic surgery. The money can be thought of as an investment in the future, especially when the improved appearance will help in obtaining a job or promotion.

Benefits of Acupuncture

How Acupuncture May Work, According to Traditional Chinese Medicine

I asked Jill Blakeway—licensed acupuncturist, certified herbalist, Clinic Director of The YinOva Center in New York City, and co-author of the book Making Babies: A Proven Three Month Program for Maximum Fertility (Little Brown, 2009)—to explain how acupuncture works.

Classical Chinese philosophy, Blakeway says, teaches that we have channels of “energy” called meridians that run through our bodies.

“They are often compared to rivers running through the body, in order to nourish the tissues,” she explains. “Stagnation in the flow of these energy rivers is like a dam that is backed up.”

According to traditional Chinese medicine, disruption of the flow can lead to physical and emotional illnesses, including infertility.

 These meridians can be affected by needling specific points, also known as acupuncture points.

By needling the acupuncture points, the flow of the energy gets “unstuck” and is allowed to flow in a free and balanced way.

People looking for Acupuncture Dublin Practitioners have many options but like with any therapy or treatment the relationship between the practitioner and the client is of paramount importance. It is important to feel relaxed and calm and be comfortable. Do not be afraid to say how you feel as with all holistic approaches, the ability for your body to be in a relaxed healing state is one of the most important aspects to improving your health.

How Acupuncture May Work, According to the Current Research

Of course, the Western, scientific explanation is quite different.

 No one is sure how acupuncture works. But there are theories.

One theory is that by needling points on the body, chemicals and hormones are triggered and released.

“These chemicals either change the experience of pain, or they trigger a cascade of chemicals and hormones which influence the body’s own internal regulating system,” Blakeway says. “The improved energy flow and biochemical balance produced by acupuncture stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities, and enhances physical and emotional well-being.”

Research has shown specifically that acupuncture increases the amount of beta-endorphins flowing through the body. Beta-endorphins are feel-good hormones that help lessen pain.

Exercise is also known to boost the amount of beta-endorphins in the body. If you’ve ever experienced a “runner’s high,” you’ve enjoyed a boost of beta-endorphins.

But some interesting research on acupuncture points may imply that it’s more than just beta-endorphins and hormones at play.

In a research study at UC Irvine, researchers used MRIs to look at the brain while patients received acupuncture treatment.

“Traditionally, acupuncturists have used a point on the little toe to address eye pain,” says Blakeway. “The point is chosen because it is on the same meridian as the eye.”

What’s amazing is that in this study, when the point on the foot for eye pain was stimulated, the part of the brain that regulates vision lit up.

Acupuncture and Infertility

The research on acupuncture for Fertility is ongoing, and the topic is controversial.

Some studies have been too small to prove a definitive connection to improved pregnancy rates, and some studies contradict each other in their results. Other studies question whether any benefits are simply a result of the placebo effect.

With that said, here are a few of possible benefits of acupuncture, according to the preliminary research:

  • Improved pregnancy rates during IVF treatment cycles, when acupuncture takes place on the day of embryo transfer
  • Increased blood flow to the uterus, leading to an improved endometrial lining
  • Reduced stress and anxiety levels
  • Possible improvement in ovulation for women with PCOS
  • Possible improvement in sperm count and quality in men with infertility
  • Possible regulation of gonadotropin-releasing hormone, which in turn could help regulate ovulation

Will acupuncture help you get pregnant? It’s hard to say. Some have found that acupuncture reduces stress and anxiety, which at least may help you deal with infertility related stress.

If acupuncture’s something you’d like to try, be sure to seek out a licensed acupuncturist. There are acupuncturists who specialize in fertility, and some are associated with fertility clinics. Ask your reproductive endocrinologist for a recommendation.

Stag Parties

Stag Parties Ireland

Stag parties aren’t exactly what they used to be. Rather than the stereotypical evening of strippers and pints, many men today are opting for other types of parties. Taking a weekend trip with the guys — think outdoorsy activities like white-water rafting and fly-fishing — is a popular option and there are so many stag party ideas out there. Even those who stay closer to home might go with an unconventional activity that’s fun and out of the ordinary, like suiting up for some paintball or touring a local brewery.


Hen Parties

Stag parties and Hen Parties can take place almost anywhere. The typical Stag party usually involves some combination of the following: booze, strippers, gambling (maybe not in that order). But, the trend these days is toward old-fashioned guyness — a weekend spent bonding in the woods travelling to a new location or just having fun are getting more popular. Others plan high-adrenaline adventures such as white-water rafting, skydiving, or rock climbing. Tamer bachelor parties might involve a weekend in Atlantic City gambling, a round of golf and a nice steak dinner, or a fancy night at a cigar bar. Of course, weekend trips involve travel and related expenses. If time is of the essence or all parties involved are on a budget, then a local bar, a hotel room, or the best man’s apartment are fine bachelor party locales.

 Time The Stag Party Right

If you think the night before the wedding is the perfect time for a bachelor bash, think again. The last thing the nervous groom needs on the big day is a hangover. Plus a big night on the town before you’re supposed to walk into the church, walled garden or registry office is definitely not advised and really an antiquated tradition carried out by men of rather questionable values.  You should schedule the main event up to a month before the wedding and, at the very least, schedule it a week in advance, preferably on the weekend. Some people from out of town won’t be able to attend, but if they do want to show up they can use the advance notice to make plans. Be sure to send out invitations or call invitees at least three weeks before the party. This way, you’ll be able to avoid scheduling conflicts.

It is also recommended to book through a reputable agiency as the level of experince they can give you for a rathr nominal fee is definitley worth in and comapnys like www.thestagsball.com based in Dublin, Ireland are a fantastic place to book your stag party.

Pilates Dublin Classes

Health Benefits of Pilates to Your Body and Mind

Body awareness

The teachings of Pilates allow one to have a better awareness of the body and its movement, and in the long term, the educational aspects of Pilates Dublin promote consciousness of how the body moves and stands. While performing daily tasks, such as washing dishes or  cooking, one becomes increasingly aware of posture, and small adjustments are consciously made to pull in abdominal muscles and relax the shoulders, in order to have better posture to support the body.

But the most powerful way to learn Pilates Clontarf is to attend  a great studio and get instruction from a qualified instructor.

The exercises performed in Pilates classes function as an educational system that makes the person more aware of how to move productively to actively maintain the overall well-being of the musculature. It also teaches the person how everyday aches and pains relate to their movements and posture, and provides a manner of correcting these through posture. Even people who regularly exercise can sometimes exacerbate injuries or pain by exercising incorrectly, and teaching them to focus on the core can vastly improve the way in which they perform other exercises while reducing pain.

Pilates in Dublin

Strengthened core muscles

Unlike other exercise forms where certain muscles are worked on in isolation or in combined groups, Pilates exercises are designed to use all the muscles in the body, and also involves the connective tissue.  This not only strengthens the body, but it also results in more flexibility and a better range of movement.  It is aimed at lengthening muscles, rather than adding bulk, resulting in long, lean, strong muscles.

Attractive physique

Because the exercises used in Pilates are designed to elongate muscles rather than bulk them up, the results are a leaner appearance with a correct posture.  The body shape combined with better posture results in an appearance that is overall more attractive and better.

So Pilates is incredible for your body and is most powerful when it is incorporated into your daily life. Use the principles when you are doing your daily activities and when you are challenging your body in any physical way. If you play sport of any kind, have a physical job or just like going for long walks, Pilates can have a hugely beneficial effect on you well-being and fitness. make sure to get to a great studio just like  http://bodyfirm-studios.com/ and learn from experts how to employ this powerful practice and get in great shape ASAP.