David Tennyson

Fresh is an overused and usually exaggerated description of new country/pop artists. But, in some cases, it actually fits as in the case of David Tennyson Dublin  Who Knew CD. The arrangements, sound and vocals mesh perfectly to deliver a multi-hued musical treat… especially Tennyson’s own songs New Sensation and She Was A Mystery.

Title song Who Knew should be on the charts!
Wonderful selection of new and cover tunes by a talented new artist. Mellow and sweet vocals. A fine production by an impressive list of musicians. This CD should get noticed.

Excellent country pop CD – Pick up a copy.
We checked out your Who Knew CD. Excellent vocals, musicianship, and songwriting on this strong coutry pop CD. Asking for the Moon and Who Knew both have hook-filled choruses with nice 2-part or 3-part harmonies and strong resolution.

I can’t stop SPINNING!!……Asking for the Moon is sweet sweet surrender
David Tennyson…Who Knew…Indeed….I’m Stuck!
What a great cd! I just can’t believe I can’t stop spinnin’ it!
forthcoming cd…What’s Next.